2016.09.10(周六/Saturday)4:00 - 7:00pm


Mao 空间天平路112号

Mao Space Jing’an Kerry Centre, No. 61, Anyi Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai


2016年9月10日,MAO SPACE将举行金景鸿个展“涂层”。该展为MAO SPACE天平路新空间的首场展览。





Mao Space Tian Ping Road which is our new art space is proud to JIN Jinghong’s solo exhibition Layers on September10th 2016 for the first time.

A series of  “smear”–form actions have combined these layers. I had to say it is a fresh and fascinating manner of working.

It’s rare to see some meanings of concern in JIN JING HONG’s works. As we lost ourselves gradually, he seemed to find a way to approach the world. This way didn’t judge the world directly, but peeled layer upon layer through a set of movements and spread these bitty parts out in the same space. He would make some connections and express his perception. And much more than this, he concerned people’s feelings. People can use their own eyes to bond these component parts themselves or understand the real world in their own logic. Even JIN JING HONG’s works haven’t shown any space single and fixed.

Reality is also a theme worthy of consideration. People should believe every tree and bush within sight and the lawns mowed in an artificial process. Or maybe the whole view in front of us covered by the feelings from the past time can reflect the real life moments.JIN JING HONG gave us an explanation, from his point, that the process of decomposing symbiotic state of human beings and the natural world is more real. He has laid these fragments down completely.Meanwhile each inside has been permeated with the other, and each part has also affected the other part.

JIN JING HONG said:” I’m not drawing, I am creating a image.” when he talked about his art. Perhaps JIN JING HONG had an expectation that people would find their own key and understanding



About Artist

JIN JINGHONG was born in 1983 in Henan Zhengzhou. He was majoring Drama and Film Art DesigninCommunication University of China, and graduated in 2006. Now lives and works in Beijing.


石头记 纸本 64X94cm 2016

石头记 纸本 64X94cm 2016

窗外的风景 纸本综合材料 27X39cm 2016

窗外的风景 纸本综合材料 27X39cm 2016

绿公园 布面综合材料 25X25cm 2016

绿公园 布面综合材料 25X25cm 2016

日落园 纸本综合材料 39X54cm 2016

日落园 纸本综合材料 39X54cm 2016

松枝 布面综合材料 30X25cm 2016

松枝 布面综合材料 30X25cm 2016