朱加: 临界的弥漫 

Zhu Jia: Critical Pervasion

Opening | 开幕:16:00-18:00, 4/11, 2015

Duration | 展期:4/11 – 19/12, 2015





ShanghART Gallery is pleased to present “ZHU Jia : Critical Pervasion” from 4th of November to 19th of December 2015. The exhibition showcases ZHU Jia’s new works and recent video art pieces.

As the pioneer of early video and photography art in China, ZHU Jia was in the frontier edge of practice from late 80s. With his impassive, matter-of-fact manner and concise way of production, as well as an aggressive while placid perspective to the reality, he became a special case in Chinese conception art. His pioneering experimental works provides adventurous precedents to the succeeding practitioners. Furthermore, his works simultaneously step with prevailing globalization of 90s, providing real-time critical commentary to the conversion of Chinese society.

In today’s world, any normalcy seems to be occasional and temporary, thus the key point is how we define “normalcy”. In this coming solo show, ZHU Jia will dissect the “normalcy in daily life, in politics, and in art” under critical state from different angles and perspectives, giving our audiences extended experiences when they will be put on the edge of fear and taboo, or in his words, the “very embarrassed feeling deep inside me created by reality”.

ZHU Jia, born in 1963, Beijing. Graduated from the oil painting department of the 3rd studio, China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1988. He lives and works in Beijing.