RS_PROJECTS Presents: `Strong Opinions′ / opening August 23rd 2014 

Exhibition time:August 23rd 2014—August 28th 2014

Exhibition place:WuChang zhongbei road no.124, the 21st floor

Artist:  Chen Shunlong、Chen Ran、Chen Xiao、He Rui、Jia Feng、Jiang An、Li Dapeng、Liu Peng、Li Xia、Shen Qianshi、Shi Kaiyuan、Wangfang ShiChen、Wang Yaming、Wang Yifei、Xu Qian、Xu Lin、Wang Zhiyi、Zhou Hang、Zhang Jiawei、Zhang Ke、Zhang Wei

(Name according to the first letter)

RS_PROJECTS planned this exhibition independently, which located in unfinished 21st Floor, Zhongbei Road 124th, Wu Chang District, Wuhan City.

RS_PROJECTS departure automatically after the place settled, so that those invited artists can discuss freely while entering the place, and they can choose a suitable region for themselves to do creation as well. During the creation, how to do the creation and the exhibition as a group become a important problem that those artists faced according to the new environment the host offered. We hope we can lower the personal will influence on artists themselves by gathering them in a certain area. And we want to make the conflict and the debate more intense by not offering a certain theory or topic.

RS_PROJECTS have had a careful discussion with the artists before the exhibition, and reached a great agreement on the way we hold the exhibition. After the efforts and discussions by both hosts and artists for many times, we decided the name of this exhibition, STRONG OPINIONS. We are willing to have a parallel discussion with the artist about the third parties (Unfinished 21st floor, Zhongbei road 124th, Wu Chang), and through this kind of self-organized forms of group discussions and planning, we want to achieve tripartite restriction and voice our STRONG OPINIONS.

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艺术家:陈顺龙 程然 陈晓 何锐 贾峰 江安 李大鹏 刘鹏  李霞 沈乾石 石开元

王方世臣 王娅茗 王弋飞 许芊 徐琳 王智一 周行 张嘉维 张可 张巍




RS_PROJECTS在展前与受邀艺术家们经过细致的讨论,对策展方式达成了相当的共识。通过与艺术家的双重努力后经过修正,决定「独抒己见Strong Opinions」作为本次邀请展一题。我们愿意通过与艺术家同时针对场域进行平行讨论,并通过此种类似自组织形态的群体内部讨论与规划,达到三方互相制约,以独抒己见。

by  rs_projects