TRACES——Joe Sobel & Victoria Knights

开幕Opening : 8.1,17:00 -19:00 pm

地址:视界艺术中心 2空间  上海市莫干山路50号6号楼104

V ART CENTER | space2

1F,Building 3,50 Mo Gan Shan Rd,Shanghai

展期:8.1 – 8.23 , 2014





Let’s enter together through the space we created but not for too long because I may be unable to handle it correctly. We both need to keep it fresh like a bright green cucumber picked after a heavy drizzle, or the image of a half-eaten super ripe peach.

The duration is not only what matters when you’re inside but also how you enter it. It is crucial for the performance, and by the same extension, our existence. However, if we play our cards right we can do it over and over and over and over again. Back and forth, back and forth.

Victoria Knights and Joe Sobel