艺术家 | Artist : 杨帆 | Yang Fan
开幕 | Opening : 2014/7/19 16 : 00 PM
展览日期 | Exhibiting Time : 2014/7/19—2014/8/17
地点 | Venue : 空间站 北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路4号798艺术区中一街

Space Station, NO.4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art District, Beijing 100015

T : +86 10 59789671

W : www.space-station-art.com

E : spacestationart@163.com

Space Station is pleased to present Value System, Yang Fan’s first solo exhibition on July 19th, 2014. From theValue System series to the Veins series, the exhibition will focus on the works of the artist from the last two years. It will take place through August 17th.

文| 苏磊


杨帆尝试将坏趣味,劣质艺术品和经典的价值场景置于强光之下,最大可能性地抹去虚无的趣味性而直接还原价值体系本身。在《价值体系》系列中,艺术家以华丽而富于各种情趣的廉价纽扣再现了由于价值体系的刻度化而造成的审美泛滥。《价值体系10》和《价值体系11》进一步以模糊不全的人形为背景,暗示了深陷景观中的个体正在被劣质审美所蚕食。个体的物化,自然引伸出《肺腑》系列,劣质身体模型仿佛被标准化的个体——看似健康,鲜艳被标明功能性的器官,恰恰再现了一个完全丢失真实性之后的劣质的身体。《张科长的下午》, 权力机构和外国资本交换这个的显示经济和政治特权的场面,被强烈闪光抹去它原有的欢快,亲民的热烈气氛,只留下价值系统中纯粹交换的单调,冰冷和乏味。



Beyond the Scale

By Su Lei

No matter what kind of experimental innovation and structural readjustment, the ultimate goal is to make the scene as well as the value system that lies beneath cooperate more smoothly. But the inner expansion and standardized criteria of the value system have gradually reduced the everyday scene to be merely its decoration, leading the whole culture to virtualization and semiotization. The scene with outer prosperity complies with the inner rules of the value system. The standardized movement demanded by value judgment has established grades and scales for different pattern of art in aesthetics and emotion. The direct result of it is that the satisfaction of the needs of grading has become the benchmark to evaluate aesthetic pattern. With the natural motive disappearing, the real scene falls into a purely virtual world. When placed in different standards and criterions, the subjective sentiment will no longer be open and pure; but be modified, fastened and merged into some pattern.

Yang Fan tries to place both artwork of low interest, poor quality and classical value scene under hard light, wiping out those empty interests as much as possible, and restoring the value system itself. In The Value System series, artists, by using cheap buttons of magnificence and full of various interests, reproduce the overwhelming aesthetics caused by the scalization of the value system. The Value System 10 and The Value System 11 have taken a step further to use an ambiguous human figure as the background, suggesting an individual deeply immersed in the scene is being encroached by poor aesthetics. The materialization of an individual naturally results in the From the Bottom of One’s Heart series, using the inferior body model to mean a standardized individual: the apparent healthy and bright organs whose functions are stipulated clearly have been represented here, ironically, as an inferior body after being stipped off reality. Mr. Zhang’s Afternoon has depicted a scene imbued with economic and political prerogatives by the exchange of power institution and foreign capital. It is stripped off by strong flare its original happy, amiable and fervent ambience, leaving only the iciness and tedium of the pure exchange in the value system.

Based on the gradation of the value system, absolute equality of sentiments has never been realized in human history. To escape from the inherent pattern means to resist from within, to get rid of pattern and standard, and only in this way can one let out the real emotions to the greatest extent. Beyond the scale, the illogical, non-standard bad interest is just like rebellious revelry after getting rid of the value system.


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地点:空间站 北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路4号798艺术区中一街
Venue: Space Station,NO.4 Jiuxianqiao Rd,798 Art District,Beijing 100015