Current Exhibitions

Floating Dust: Works by Shi Chong
Curator:Feng Boyi丨Producer:Liu Ming丨Duration:2023.1.10 - 3.31

"Floating Dust: Works by Shi Chong" was launched on January 10, 2023 at the Fine Arts Literature Art Center, and the exhibition will feature oil paintings, papers, manuscripts and other works created by Shi Chong in recent years. For a long time, through constant meditation, he repeatedly extracts and refines the symbols and metaphors attached to the body, forming a hybrid, subtle and ambiguous relationship between time, space and the body, which constitutes his pure and accurate painting fulcrum and visual identity.

Zheng Da · Sensing Machine
Curator:Feng Boyi丨Duration:2022.12.17 – 2023.2.25

"Zheng Da · Sensing Machine" has been launched at the Fine Arts Literature Art Center on December 17, 2022, the exhibition is one of the parallel exhibition projects of the 2022 Wuhan Biennale, curated by Feng Boyi, is a refresh of Zheng Da's solo exhibition launched in September, featuring the latest digital installations created by artist Zheng Da, such as "The Shape of Time I.", "Sensing Games", "Polygon", "Organic Element II" and so on.