Shi Shi Shi:Summer Exhibition
Location:Fine Arts Literature Art Center

The Fine Arts Literature Art Center will hold "Shi Shi Shi: Summer Exhibition" on July 29, 2021. The theme of the exhibition was inspired by the study of a bronze hill in the form of a fake rock. This copper block may have been just a piece of slag in the early days, but because of its unique appearance and the green skin left by time on its appearance, it was chosen by the ancients and the present as a piece of aesthetic "appreciation stone". We chose the words "shi", "shi" and "shi", which are homophonic with "stone", to express the process of being selected and appreciated in the house.

Partial exhibits

Stone flower box
Tang Dynasty

Bowl with blue and phoenix pattern
Song Dynasty

AD 5

Long-necked flask
Song Dynasty

Panchi water tank
Qing Dynasty


"Shi" takes the meaning of "Shi Wu", which means all kinds of miscellaneous objects; "Shi" is the action to pick up; "Shi" means "home". Three words that are not exactly in tune, but sound the same, together is a common move of a good collector: to pick up an object and enter the room. It can be picking up a stone on the side of the road, taking it home with you and sharing it with your friends in conversation. Or maybe you win something on the shoot and show it to others. Whether this process is simple or complicated, we condense it into three words: "what", "pick up" and "room", forming the theme of our summer exhibition. This exhibition will display nearly 50 pieces of ancient art of different ages and categories. Some of them can be played and explained by experts on the spot. Through these various objects, we can be ancient or modern, long or short, and you in the heat of the moment relaxed chat about a different art, neither abstract concept, nor stern line. Just holding in hand, thinking in mind, or near or far to talk about the "Shi Shi Shi" story.