The city of Wuhan witnessed the 85 New Art Wave Movement which marked the beginning of Chinese contemporary art in 1980s. And The Trend of Art Thought, Fine Arts Literature and other academic journals emerged one after another in Wuhan. In 2003, in the context of academic media, Fine Arts Literature Art Center (FALAC) was founded as the first contemporary art institution in Wuhan. FALAC once played an important role and served multiple functions in Wuhan. It organized many contemporary art exhibitions, such as the Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts, etc. It also edited and published Fine Arts Literature, which is one of the most important journals on contemporary art in China. Meanwhile, based on the development process of contemporary art, Fine Arts Literature Art Center collects artworks and collates and studies art literature materials(documentation). It is committed to promoting and supporting young artists and experimental art with a local - oritation and an international perspective.

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